Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beginners Aikido Class this Thursday

If you travel between Bideford and Hartland you may have seen our banner at the side of the road (the A39) just opposite the Bucks Cross Post Office...

This Thursday (October 9th) we have a special class aimed at complete beginners. If you have never done a martial art, or if you've done a bit of Aikido (or another martial art) and want a gentle way back into it, please come along! We are a small, friendly class and we aim to introduce you gradually and easily to this wonderful, non-competitive art. I hope to see you there!

For information on how to find us, please see the Club Info page.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Free Aikido Beginners Class, October 9th

If you want to learn Aikido and you live in North Devon or Cornwall, this is your perfect opportunity. The Hartland Aikido Club will have a special free class for beginners on Thursday October the 9th from 7:30 to 9:30. The class will take place in the Bucks Cross Village Hall. If you want to learn the basics of Aikido, please come along and join us. You don't need any special clothing at first (something loose-fitting such as a track suit or a tee-shirt and casual trousers will be fine). There will be more experienced students to help out but this class is mainly aimed at helping complete newcomers to understand the basics.
By the way, if you live in the area and you can display a small poster (or you know of somewhere that will display a poster), I'd be very grateful if you could download and print a PDF version of our poster HERE.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Aikido Mondays

From now on, the Hartland Aikido Club will meet every Monday and Thursday, week in, week out. In the past we have swapped the first Monday of each month for a Tuesday due to the Bucks Cross hall being used for other events. No longer. From Monday 1st of September we shall practise every Monday without fail. This has the advantage of simplicity - you know that we'll be there every week on exactly the same days. Sadly it also means that Sensei Small's monthly weapons classes have to be cancelled for the time being as he cannot make it on a Monday. We'll try to arrange some more 'special' classes with Sensei Small soon. In the meantime, bear in mind that Sensei Small runs his own weapons-based classes every Wednesday in Bideford. So if you want to master Aikido weapons, that is the place to go!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Charity Aikido Event, North Devon, September 2014

If you are interested in Aikido and you can make it to Bideford, North Devon, this September (Saturday, the 20th), please come along and support the Aiki Peace Week Workshop in support of Macmillian Cancer Care. There will be four teachers (maybe more) and the topics taught will cover everything from ken and jo to knife defences and the application of yin and yang in Aikido and Daily Life. Everyone is welcome, no matter what style or school of Aikido you follow. The poster is shown below. For up to date information, be sure to visit Sensei Small's Bideford Aiki-jo site which carries all the latest details of this event.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Aikido, Aiki-Jo and Aiki-Peace

A reminder that there is no class this Monday (as it's the first Monday of the month), but once again we have a special Aiki-weapons workshop with Sensei Small at 7:30 on Tuesday (everyone welcome - please bring bokken and jo).

Also, Sensei Small's Bideford Aiki-jo web site now has some advance information on the special Aiki-Peace-Week event which takes place on the 20th of September. To keep up to date with this (and other) forthcoming events, be sure to visit Sensei Small's Events page.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Is it Magic, or is it Aikido?

Derren Brown is a man who meddles with people's minds. In one of his TV shows he apparently made a young woman 'unliftable'. Well, so it seems. In Ki Aikido we have a number of training exercises in which we too become seemingly unliftable.

In the 19th Century a certain lady who went by the name of Annie May Abbott, but was more popularly known as the “Georgia Magnet” performed a series of amazing stunts in music halls which included, among other things, her 'supernatural' ability to increase her weight at will so that strong men could not lift her. Now whether the Georgia Magnet was using the same method as Derren Brown and whether either of them used the same method as we use in Aikido I cannot say. All I can say for sure is that, by mastering a few arts of relaxation and body control, almost anyone could create the same effect.

In fact, I wrote an article about The Georgian Magnet and the Aikido 'unraisable body' method for the benefit of some magician friends some years back. If you are interested, you can read it here:

Meanwhile, this is the Derren Brown version...

Friday, 4 July 2014

Aiki weapons workshop next Tuesday

Just a reminder that there is no aikido class on Monday (7th July) but Sensei Small will be teaching an aiki-weapons class on Tuesday (8th July) at 7:30.