Monday 24 March 2014

Aikido, Japanese Martial Art, from North Devon to Hollywood!

OK, OK, so let's be honest, your chances of becoming the next Steven Seagal are probably pretty remote. Having said that, James O'Donnell the chief instructor with the British Ki Aikido Association (to which the Hartland Aikido Club is affiliated) is a professional movie stunt man. See him in action here:

And then, of course, there is Seagal...

Nope, I can't promise that if you learn Aikido with us, here in North Devon, you'll end up in Hollywood. But stranger things have happened. So why not come and join us? Who knows where it might take you....!

Thursday 6 March 2014

Aikido Is Bullshit

No, I didn't say that! This is the opinion of Master Ken. And who am I to disagree? master Ken is, after all, the highest ranked (11th dan) martial artist on this or any other planet. Sadly there are no Ameri-do-te classes here in North Devon. So I guess I'll just have to stick with Aikido! ;-)