Monday 21 September 2015

Aikido Workshop - Saturday 26th September, Bideford.

There is an Aikido and Aikido weapons workshop open invitation to all styles and levels, this coming Saturday (26th September 2015), in Bideford.

The venue is: Methodist Hall, High Street, Bideford, North Devon EX39 2AH

Training starts 2.00 pm, finishes 5.00 pm. Bring Jo, Ken and proof of insurance. There will be no mats at this venue, so be prepared with suitable footwear. All money goes to charity.

Instructors from various associations include, Pete Blayney, Huw Collingbourne, Richard Small, Mark Allcock plus a representative from Banyu Hatten Akido.

All welcome!

Thursday 3 September 2015

Bo Kata #1 and the 22-Count Ki Jo Kata

If you are familiar with the 22-count jo kata ('Ki Jo Kata #1') you might be interested to compare it with this video of 10th dan Hikitsuchi Sensei performing a Bo Kata. I was struck on watching this by the very close similarity with the 22-count jo kata. The two katas are not quite identical but they are certainly very, very similar.

No class next Monday or Tuesday!

There is no aikido class next Monday or Tuesday. We generally have a weapons class on the first Tuesday of the month but this has been cancelled due to another even in the Bucks Cross Village Hall. We have our Thursday class as usual and there are no changes for the rest of the month so there are classes on every other Monday and Thursday.