Saturday 17 March 2012

Bucks Cross Aikido – the story so far

Well, we had our first meeting last Thursday. Many thanks to everyone who came. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Meantime, I’d also like to thank all those people who’ve helped us promote our new club. First and foremost, Torridge Council who, through the Active Villages project, has been instrumental in helping us to get the club going. Without their help, the club would not exist.  More info on their web site.

Thanks too to Shep and Jo at BBC Radio Devon who interviewed me live on air this week – actually, they phoned me about 25 minutes before I had to rush out to teach the class. Look upon that as a test of my ability to relax under pressure. Well, that’s one of the benefits of learning Aikido, after all… The Shep and Jo interview is still available online (if you are quick). It’s the show of 15/03/2012. I’m on at around 3:29:50 into the show.

The Bideford Buzz has been very supportive too. This is Bideford’s local community newspaper. They also have a web site here, where you can read about the Aikido club.

The local radio, Voice of North Devon, has also been generous enough to mention us and has posted an announcement on its web site.

I’ve been told a few other local newspapers and newsletters will be giving us a mention too. As soon as I see these, I’ll let you know. If anyone spots any mentions of the club which I haven’t noticed, please let me know.

In the meantime, remember we’ll be practising again at 7 o’clock this Thursday evening. If everyone could arrive a few minutes early, you will be able to help me put out the mats so that we can get the lesson started on time. See you then!

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