Tuesday 16 October 2012

Jo Nage, exercises in Aikido

Over the next few weeks, 1st dan instructor, Pete Blayney, will be exploring the use of the jo (wooden staff) in Aikido. For about half an hour each lesson, Sensei Blayney will look at ways of using the jo to increase our understanding of Aikido - stance, stability, power, softness and awareness. These are not formal jo exercises such as katas but, rather, free-flowing experiments using the jo. We will, of course, also be practising Ki development and free-hand Aikido in the rest of the class.

The Hartland Aikido Club always welcomes beginners, so please come along and join in the fun! We meet in Bucks Cross Village Hall every Thursday at 7:00 in the evening  In the meantime, here is something to whet your appetite - some jo nage exercises demonstrated by Kashiwaya Sensei...

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