Sunday 28 April 2013

Free Aikido books from Gaku Homma!

Gaku Homma, who was a live-in student (uchi deshi) at the Hombu and Iwama dojos under both O Sensei, the founder of Aikido, and Saito Sensei, and who now runs the independent Nippon Kan dojo in Denver, Colorada, has very generously made available free PDF eBook versions of several of his published paperback books on Aikido. The books are: Aikido For Life, Children and the Martial Arts and The Aikido Sketch Diary. I have recently been reading Gaku Homma Sensei's excellent book 'The Structure of Aikido' (the paperback edition - this book is not available for download!) which explores the relationship between bokken/sword work and open-handed Aikido. If you are interested in Aikido weapons, I recommend that book. In the meantime, however, if you don't already have his other books, what are you waiting for? Read them for free here:


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the heads up on the PDF versions.

  2. Tanks!..
    but no mor longer aveilables books :(

    If you have of those books,pls sharingo on 4share and publish here.

  3. Upsss.. I did it!
    I found on this directory:

    Read the list of files... and download one by one.

  4. Hi, I recently visited the website. It is no longer available for download.
    Could you kindly share the files?
    Many thanks in advance.