Tuesday 3 September 2013

Aikido Dojos UK - come and join us!

I've long found it frustrating that many big aikido clubs and organisations don't mix much (if at all) with other clubs and organisations, while small aikido clubs are often too remote to do much mixing even if they want to!

As the sensei of a small club way out in the wilds of North Devon, I actively try to find other friendly clubs to practise with. Over the past year I've travelled all over the West Country to courses and seminars given by all kinds of different aikido clubs - some of them with practising quite a different 'style' of aikido than I am accustomed to. And it's been great fun and extremely instructive.

The only trouble is, it's hard to find other friendly clubs and, once found, it's hard to keep track of any events they may be organising. Wouldn't it be good (I thought) if there were somewhere online where aikido clubs belonging  from big, small or tiny organisations of any aikido style could share information and establish closer links? That is why I decided to create a site for exactly that purpose. The new Aikido Dojos UK site is a multi-editor blog. Set up just a few days ago, it already has five editors from different aikido associations and clubs. So clearly I am not the only person who sees some potential in this idea!

If you have an aikido club and you would like to join us, please contact me.

In case you are worrying that joining us involves money and red-tape, let me assure you that it does not. Aikido Dojos UK is a group of Aikido friends - that's all. It is not an 'association' - there is no membership and no fees. If that sounds of interest, please join us!

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