Saturday 21 December 2013

Aikido is the secret to surviving Christmas!

So says The Guardian newspaper! "When it comes to dealing with life's low-level conflicts – the kind of petty sniping some of you may just possibly be about to experience in the coming days – the Japanese martial art of aikido might not seem a promising source of solutions," says an article in today's edition.

However, the author goes on to say that it turns out that aikido may hold not just the secrets to surviving Christmas, but may also have the secrets to coping with the pressures of life in general. "Conflict itself is unavoidable, but we're too quick to assume that any given conflict is also a contest – a zero-sum game, in which one side wins by making the other lose. Treat a friendship, job or marriage like a contest, and you've already determined how you'll respond: by trying to score points until someone admits defeat."


On that thought, it's probably a good time to wish you a Merry Christmas and an Aikido-full New Year!

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