Thursday 30 January 2014

31 Count Kata Workshop next Tuesday

There is no Aikido next Monday (3rd February). But on Tuesday evening (4th February, at 7:30) we have a special workshop on the 31-count jo kata. You may have seen this kata, maybe you've even practised it - but probably very few people who do Aikido have had the opportunity to study it in depth. This kata is at the heart of the Iwama Aikido syllabus, but there are not many Aikido clubs that have access to an expert Iwama Aikido teacher. We are very fortunate, therefore, to have the opportunity of being taught this kata in real depth by Sensei Richard Small, a 4th dan Iwama Aikido teacher, who specialises in the bokken and jo. This is the first of a series of jo workshops which Sensei Small will teach at our club. The cost is £5 for two hours or £3 for retired/unwaged. Please bring a bokken and jo (if you have them - if not the club will provide them) and proof of insurance.

These workshops are open to anyone who is interested in studying the jo in more depth. You do not need to be a member of the Hartland Aikido Club or its parent association (The BKAA), nor do you need to have any prior experience of the 31 count jo kata. Please note that the Hartland Aikido Club welcomes all interested parties and if you currently practise with some other Aikido organisation (of any Aikido style) you will be very welcome to join us. This is a great opportunity to learn this important kata, so please come along!

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