Wednesday 2 April 2014

Our Three Aikido Instructors - get to know the Hartland Aikido Club!

We may be a tiny club in a remote area of North Devon, but even so the Hartland Aikido Club can offer students a much broader range of Aikido teaching than many big city-based clubs. How come? Well, it turns out that we have no less than three black-belt instructors who have been practising Aikido since the '70s and '80s. What's more, the instructors have experience of a very varied range of Aikido 'styles'. Huw Collingbourne has been taught principally in the 'Ki Aikido' style which incorporates numerous 'Ki exercises' to cultivate calmness under pressure (both in and out of the dojo). Pete Blayney has practised with many different clubs and teachers and he brings to the Hartland Club a vast knowledge of practical self-defence techniques and skills. Finally, Richard Small is an expert in weapons (jo and bokken) as taught by the 'Iwama' school of Aikido. For more information see the Instructors Page.

Whether you are new to Aikido or an old hand you may find that the unusually wide range of skills available from the three instructors at the Hartland Club will help you either to discover Aikido for the first time or else to broaden your existing skills.

Everyone who has an interest in Aikido is welcomed at the Hartland Club. Have no fear that you will be told that yours is the 'wrong' style of Aikido or that we won't practise with students from your organisation! On the contrary, it is our aim to work together and explore all aspects of this wonderful martial art. So if you are in the area, please come and join us!

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