Friday 29 August 2014

Aikido Mondays

From now on, the Hartland Aikido Club will meet every Monday and Thursday, week in, week out. In the past we have swapped the first Monday of each month for a Tuesday due to the Bucks Cross hall being used for other events. No longer. From Monday 1st of September we shall practise every Monday without fail. This has the advantage of simplicity - you know that we'll be there every week on exactly the same days. Sadly it also means that Sensei Small's monthly weapons classes have to be cancelled for the time being as he cannot make it on a Monday. We'll try to arrange some more 'special' classes with Sensei Small soon. In the meantime, bear in mind that Sensei Small runs his own weapons-based classes every Wednesday in Bideford. So if you want to master Aikido weapons, that is the place to go!

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