Saturday 24 October 2015

The Man In The High Castle - the Aikido Connection

I read Philip K Dick's 'alternative history' science fiction novel, The Man In The High Castle, many years ago. I don't recall any aikido in the novel. However, that sad omission has now been corrected in the new TV series created by Amazon and produced by Ridley Scott. You can see a few seconds of aikido in the trailer...

In fact, it seems that one of the principal characters is an aikido teacher (sadly Ridley Scott didn't offer me a role!) and aikido will feature frequently in the series. Here's a slightly longer clip in which the aikido teacher gives a reasonably cogent explanation of the fundamental principles of aikido.

It's refreshing to see aikido featured so prominently in a major production such as this. I can only hope that it inspires a few more people to take up our wonderful art.

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